Q1.Where do you live?
Maputo, Mozambique
Q2.How old are you?
33 years old.
Q3.How old is/are your kid(s)?
16, 13, 9 and 3 years old.
Q4.Please tell us about your family.
4 daughters and me.
Q5.Are you currently working?
Q6.What is your job?
Q7.What are your working hours like?
06:00- 18:00
Q8.Does your partner help with childcare?
I don’t have a husband. I’m divorced.
Q9.How does your partner help with childcare?
I do it by myself.
Q10.Who takes care of your children while you are at work?
There is no adult around.
The kids take care of each other.
Q11.How do you relax after taking care of the children?
By sleeping.
Q12.Do your children take any extra lessons after school?
(e.g. piano lessons, English lessons etc.)

No, only classes at school.
Q13.What kind of life skills do you think are necessary for kids to have?
I think children need education.
Q14.Do you do anything to develop those skills?
Yes, they take dance and soccer lessons.
Q15.What makes you happy?
The fact that my children are healthy and are being educated at school.
Q16.In ten years, what do you think will be making you happy?
Owning my own property.
Q17.What makes you think “Working and taking care of a child is hard!” ?
Working and raising children is hard.
Q18.Do you have any trouble with your work?
If so, please tell us about the details.

Q19.Do you have any trouble with taking care of your children?
If so, please tell us about the details.

Yes, because my working hours are long and I go home late.
Q20.What is it that you value in child-rearing?
Education for my kids.
Q21.What activities do you want to do with your children?
(e.g. traveling, playing with them etc.)

I want to travel with my children and learn about other places in the world.
Q22.Recently, what has made you the happiest?
My third daughter is good at school and doesn’t need to retake exams.
Q23.What do you want to have the most now?
I wish I had my own things, such as everyday necessities such as furniture.