Let's think about the future of our children!

The World’s Mother Salon is the website for mothers around the world to think together about what to eat and how we live.
The website is operated by General Incorporated Association The World’s Mother Salon.

We aim for
・Society with no conflict and exploitation
・Society in which people, animals and all lives are respected

When children in today’s society grow up – how the Earth would be like after 20 and 30 years?
How about in 50 and 60 years?


As we spend daily lives we tend to feel that the current environment is normal, however many of you may be aware that there are piled up problems such as global warming, desertification, food shortages, and hunger when looking at the Earth as a whole.


It is urgent need to change current environment into peace and safe world and leave it to children.

Some people would think that it is not possible to change, a power of one person wouldn’t help, but there is a thing that each one of us can do immediately by changing our minds.

That is to change “what to eat”.


We regard “eating” as a matter of course every day, but food has become huge burden to the global environment and the member of the Earth.

For instance, genetically modified, pesticides forest destruction by grazing, desertification, energy waste by factory livestock, water shortages, and exploitation of lives of animals.


But changing what to eat in everyday life would lead to solution for those problems.
This is not difficult to do.
Such small pieces of effort will lead to a big effort after all.
Then, when our awareness of "food" to be changed, our choices would be changed, our behaviors would be changed, and our way of living would be changed.


We, The World’s Mother Salon aim for “society with no conflict and exploitation, society in which people, animals and all lives are respected” and continue to think about what to eat and how we live and to carry out activities to create a better world throughout delivering information from mothers around the world and carrying out food-related seminars.

The World’s Mother Salon Owner Sachiko

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